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Profile Pic: Would Love Your Thoughts!

Hello, indie writers and readers! Today I would love your input on an author’s profile picture. I’ve been having a hard time deciding one thing or another, and thought “why not ask the readers?” 🙂

I’ll elaborate why I’m asking below, but the simple question I need help with is this:

What do you prefer for a blog writer’s profile photo?

a. A real photo of the writer’s face.

b. An avatar or cartoon depiction is okay.

c. Don’t care ~ just here to read and for the blog ideas.

The reason why I ask…

I ask because, to be honest, when I have my real face on my blog, I get really weird creepy people bothering me. It’s slimy and gross and I don’t know why it happens ~ guess that’s just the internet!

But maybe nice readers, like you, would like to see my face.

Though I value my privacy, I don’t want to bend over backwards just because a few weirdos are trying to ruin my blogging experience. So… I would love to know your thoughts on a blog writer’s profile photo! I value your opinion and would definitely appreciate it muchly 🙂

Take care and write on,

Yari from


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14 thoughts on “Profile Pic: Would Love Your Thoughts!

  1. A or B. The potential creepiness of the internet is one reason I use a pen name, though. Just how much of yourself you put “out there” can be a tough call- all the best with figuring it out!

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