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Hoping for Patience

Hi. So, I haven’t been replying to your comments or commenting on your blogs for a bit…

I’ve been dealing with a heavy heart, and I’ve just sort of put my blog on auto-pilot and stepped back. I hope that the posts are still helping you on your writing journey! But let me be honest with you – I’ve not left the house for months now. Everything that’s going on is breaking my heart. I’ve been so stupendously sad. I feel like I’m juggling life and trying not to tear at the seams at the same time.

One good thing is that I’m starting to get some sun and get moving. I’m diving head-first into my work, so much so that I actually have a good announcement for you later today πŸ™‚ Hooray for silver linings! Although, the giant book cover on the sidebar is a bit of a spoiler… Hehehe

All I’m hoping for is a little patience. I will get around to replying to comments once again. I will continue to read your blogs soon, and leave you lots of wonderful comments! This too shall pass, and I will see you soon ❀️



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15 thoughts on “Hoping for Patience

  1. “A heavy heart” describes the 2020 experience so far very well. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been struggling, but hooray for some positive steps forward! I hope things continue to look up (and I’m praying for all our sakes that this year’s crazy eases off a bit! 😊)

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