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Indie Spotlight: Knocked Up…

Hello, Indie Authors and Readers! Today’s book blog tour spotlights an accidental pregnancy, sweet/sexy/steamy romance… Lily Lovebrook’s debut novel:

Knocked Up by Her Brother’s Best Friend

Girl next door Lydia Jones has gotten knocked up by none other than her brother’s best friend, the womanizer Jacob Cabico. After a night of passion and a baby on the way, Lydia realizes that she loves him.

But with a new woman in the picture, Lydia is too late in seeking a relationship with the handsome playboy. But she can’t exactly avoid him, either…

Now Lydia must find a way to let Jacob in her life just enough to be a father to her baby–but not enough to break her heart.


Lydia stood with the purpose of leaving that room, but she was only left standing close to Jacob.  The room warmed.  The walls closed in.  And all Lydia could feel was the heat emanating from Jacob’s strong body, the masculine aura of his faint cologne.

“Thanks…” she breathed, looking up at him.

“Yeah… no problem,” Jacob mumbled.  His hand reached up slowly and cupped Lydia’s cheek.  His thumb caressed her face.  Lydia closed her eyes, weakening with desire as Jacob’s warm fingers slid into her hair.

She opened her eyes to see Jacob’s lips.  It was all that she could see.

She kissed him, tentatively at first, their lips lightly tapping and exploring the new territory.  Lydia’s lips parted, and with a gentle growl Jacob’s tongue slipped inside, sending heated shimmers of longing sparkling throughout her body.

Their hands worked quickly, unbuttoning and unzipping, opening and sliding off clothing, undressing each other with clumsy steps towards the queen-sized bed.

Lydia fell backwards onto the bed, with Jacob on top, a tangle of legs and arms caressing, touching, rubbing.  They ate each other with breathless kisses.

[A very sexy scene here! Not censored in book.]
Here is a gif to give you a hint 😉

(Later) The buzz at the door was like the hum of a fly’s wings, and yet it sent Jacob and Lydia scrambling faster than if it were a fire alarm.

The two of them, naked, jumped out of bed to find their clothes.  Lydia spotted her lacy underwear on the night stand, swiped them, and pulled them on.  She grabbed a pair of boxers from the floor and tossed them at Jacob’s face.

He caught them quickly and moved them from his line of sight, wanting to catch more than just a glimpse of Liddy’s tiny, perky breasts.  The morning sun slanted in from the hotel curtains, shining bright upon Lydia’s creamy skin.

The door buzzed again.

“Uh… Coming!” Jacob called out, spinning in a circle.  “Where are my pants??” he hissed.

“How should I know??” Lydia hissed back.  She scurried to the living area of the room and picked her dress up off the floor.

Someone knocked hard on the door.

“Jacob?”  The person called out.  “Jacob?  I know you’re in there.”

Jacob’s entire body tensed.  Shit!  It was Lydia’s older brother, his best friend, Brandon.  He moved with renewed speed, shoving one leg and then the other in his pants.  Lydia struggled with clumsy fingers to turn her dress right side out.

“No time.”  Jacob grabbed Lydia by the elbow and pushed her towards the bed.

“Where am I supposed to go??”

“Under.  Quickly.”

More knocking.

“Unbelievable,” Lydia muttered, yet she went down on all fours and shimmied under the bed.  Jacob tossed her dress under the bed after her.

“Jacob, open this door right now!” Brandon threatened from the other side.  “I swear, if you’re hung over on my wedding day…” the threat hung ominously in the air.

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About the Author:

Lily Lovebrook is an avid reader of romance and a brand-new indie author of sweet, sexy, steamy romance.

She has a Bachelor’s in English and lives in Houston, Texas, where she loves to spend time with her husband and family.

Knocked Up by Her Brother’s Best Friend is her debut novel.

Find Lily Lovebrook on her very romantic Instagram and on her website/blog at

Thank you so much for reading and supporting indie authors!

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