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3 Tips for Writing During the Holidays

Hello, Creative Writer! It’s that time of the year again, when things get hectic ~ there’s lots of planning, partying, getting together with family and friends… so much to do and so much to enjoy!

So here are 3 ways you can stay in touch with your writing during the busy holiday season:

1. Capture the Magic All Around You

The holidays can truly be a special time 🥰 Even if you’re too busy to carve hours of writing time on your WIP, you can always catch bits of inspiration from all around you.

Write snippets of the wonderful feelings you get around this time. Describe the scents and colors and moods around you.

This flexes your writing muscle, which keeps it from atrophying. It also lets you keep some very special memories, while at the same time tucking away some very useful writing ~ Who knows when a special holiday scene might pop up in your story!

2. Capture the Mess All Around You

Ah, such wonderful and chaotic time 😅 The holidays can also be filled with frustrations and delays and aggravations.

The holidays bring with them various forms of conflict which can be used in your stories.

Put those annoying situations to good use ~ jot them down to use in future writings. These snippets can be somber, or hilarious, or endearing. You story need not be a holiday theme to have these types of conflict in it.

3. Write Something Holiday-Themed

If you find that it’s too difficult to remain focused on your WIP during all the holiday chaos, how about giving yourself a break? How about writing something holiday-themed?

You can end up with some fun short stories, nostalgic poems, or even a new novel.

I have found that the most relaxing way for me to write a full novel is to take breaks in between. I often work on novellas or short stories or poetry, then go back to my WIP with fresh eyes and renewed motivation 🤗

What are your tips for writing during the holidays?
Share with us in the comments!

Take care and write on,


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