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Showing Off My “Fear Street” Collection

Hello, Creative Writers! I’m sure that a lot of you are readers too 📚 Today I have a fun and personal post, full of vintage books! 🙂

I’ve always loved to read, and as soon as I learned English in middle school, I fell in love with R.L. Stine’s Fear Street series. I also enjoyed Goosebumps, but I felt like such a grown teen reading these 😉

When I moved out at age 16, I lost most of my belongings. Several moves after that (hey, being out on your own that young is hard) and I ended up with very little items from my childhood.

Recently, I decided to go on eBay and splurge on some nostalgia! Here are all the Fear Street books I read as a kid in the early ’90s ❤️

I just love these vintage covers!!

What was your favorite series growing up?
Let me know in the comments!

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20 thoughts on “Showing Off My “Fear Street” Collection

  1. I was all about The Baby-Sitters Club–reading them as they released– and ghost story books by Betty Ren Wright in elementary school.
    In middle school, I got hooked on Christopher Pike YA horror (late 80s) which are similar to R.L. Stine, but for some reason I went with Pike’s novels instead of the Fear Street series.

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  2. This is so cool!! I looove vintage books 😀 ❤ Seeing the covers always makes me so happy! I'm surprised I'd never heard of this series before now – I remember seeing the Goosebumps series books at libraries as a kid, but this is the first time I've seen this one, lol.

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    1. I hadn’t heard of that series, so I Googled it. I’m loving all those vintage book covers 😍

      Oh, and as an aside, I read your short story, The Locksmith, and I LOVED it! Right away I went to your site to look for more. I saw some WIP’s, but if you have any books already out, please let me know 🙂


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