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3 Easy Ways to Support Indie Authors

Hello! Today I have 3 super-simple, super-easy suggestions on how you can support your favorite indie authors.

These are pretty simple, but will mean the world to your favorite writers. And, of course, these are all assuming that you buy their books and love their work! 😊

1. Leave Them An Honest Review

Reviews are the lifeline of indie authors. The more reviews, the easier their books are to find. It doesn’t mean you have to give them 5 stars. By all means, be honest!

When you leave an honest review, you voice your opinion, give feedback to the author, and help their books be found by other readers.

Yes, for indie authors, you are giving feedback! While J.K. Rowling or Stephen King may not read your reviews, you bet your butt that a beginner indie author will.

2. Follow Their Social Media

Here’s my experience with this: I deleted my social media because I was going to college, and I didn’t have a large following. Well, once all the free content was gone, THEN people wrote me that they cared.

If you don’t follow them, they don’t know you’re there!

I was sad to see how many people were enjoying my free content on a regular basis, but I found out much too late. I thought the radio silence meant I was wasting my time, so deleted it got. (No worries, I enjoy this blog too much to delete it! 😊)

3. Hit SHARE Every Now And Then

This is by far the easiest one of the three. If you’re on social media anyway, why not tell your friends about your favorite indie author? Chances are, they haven’t heard of them.

If you love something, share it. The more popular your favorite author gets, the more successful he/she can be.

Authors are nothing without readers, so help out your favorite author by sharing their content (book synopsis, Tweets, Instagram pics, etc.). Your friends may have a similar taste in books and thank you for it 😉

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic week! 💓


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