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As a Writer, I am Grateful For…

Happy Thanksgiving, my writing/reading friends! 🦃 Let me tell you a tale about being an aspiring writer in the 90s…

Long story short– it sucked! 😭

I remember being a starry-eyed teenager, going to Books a Million, and browsing the writer magazine racks.  They’re always at the very bottom, for some reason.  Anyway, I’d flip through them, not being able to afford to buy them, just read them.

And I’d read the poetry contests, the short story submission guidelines… You had to pay to enter them, of course, and you also had to print out the poem/story and mail it in.  (Email was still budding, and not everyone had a computer.)

And there were also the scammy ones– where you mailed in your poem for free, paid for the book it would be in… and then when you got the book, you could tell your poem was just pasted loosely to the front.  Ugh!  I fell for that once.

Which brings me to what I am grateful for as a writer…

As a writer in this wonderful age of the internet, I am grateful for:

1. Social Media

Who knew about me in 1996?  1997?  1998?  Nobody, that’s who.  I was a teen kicked out of her house at age 16.  I couldn’t afford a computer, let alone the dial up and phone line it required.

Through social media, speaking to like-minded authors (that means you!) from all over the nation has been a wonderful experience.

There was no Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or WordPress in 1998.  It was difficult to self-promote and engage with people that lived beyond your street.  So, I am SUPER thankful for social media!

2. The Option to Self-Publish

Self-publishing has changed my life.  I used to only dream of being published when I was a teen.  Today, I am able to share my writing with the world!  My inner teen is super stoked 😁

Literally, my dreams have come true with self-publishing.

Am I a best-selling author?  Not yet 😉 But it’s such an awesome opportunity that anyone with drive and creativity has the chance to put their work out there.  You can do it, I can do it… and that’s freakin’ awesome!

3. E-books

You might have read above “kicked out at age 16” and thought “that’s young.”  You’re right, it’s young.  It’s tough.  It sucked but I got through it.  Along the way, I moved several times, losing all my belongings not once, but twice.

E-books can be super cheap, convenient to carry everywhere, and impossible to lose in a move– even if you lose your device.

While I love to sniff books as much as the next bibliophile (wow, that sounded dirty), I love the convenience and low price of e-books.  Last but not least…

4. YOU

Yes, I am grateful for you, the person taking the time to read this blog 😊 You could be doing a million other things, yet here you are!

Thank you for being a part of my journey as an indie author.

I know a lot of you are writers, bloggers, and indie authors as well, and I wanted to take this moment to wish you the best on your own journey 😘 I’m subscribed to a lot of your blogs (and if I missed you, let me know in the comments), and you are such wonderful people!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! 🍂


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  1. Hey , Happy Thanksgiving, I am new to this place as i am a Pakistani, the traditions and roots may different but i love to connect everyone with immense respect. in this process i am learning and keep writing whatever comes in my mind but i love connecting peoples like you, i love your blog as well, keep slaying.I really want to support and learn from my fellow community.

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