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What I Love About Self-Publishing

Hello, writers!  Well, no… you’re not a real writer unless you publish traditionally 🙄 Duh.

Ever heard that before?  Oof.  Don’t they know how awful that sounds?

Well, I’m here to tell you that you ARE a real writer, even if you just write a blog, and especially if you self-publish.  I’m a self-published author, and I will proudly call myself a writer/author.  That’s one thing I’m really not shy about.

Today, I wanted to share with you what I love about self-publishing.  This isn’t so much a pros vs cons, but simply the positive experiences that have come to me through self-publishing.  Let’s dive in!

1. I Set My Own Schedule

As soon as my current grades go through, I will have graduated with a Bachelor’s in English and Creative Writing 🎉🎉🎉 I have a wonderful GPA, but this wouldn’t have happened had I not been able to focus on my school work.

By being a self-publisher, I was able to prioritize earning my degree.  I made my own schedule.

There were no looming deadlines or word count quotas.  I was able to give school my focus, and also write a bit on the side.  Whenever I had big projects due, I simply set my writing aside.  It was very nice.

2. No Facebook? No Problem!

I know I’m supposed to self-promote, but what if I don’t want to?  What if I just want to put my work out there, get some feedback, and just live my life?

facebook-748885_1920I’ve always hated Facebook with a passion, and self-publishing meant that I got to self-promote my way– no stressful social media hustling.

The more you find out about traditional publishing, the more you realize how much emphasis publishers put on social media following.  Then you gotta stress about all the unethical ways people gain thousands of followers and worry about privacy and and and… I’d rather not deal with that.

3. Creative Freedom

Do you hear that?  It’s the sound of a plot that could be a mix of action and romance, or zombies that fall in love, or a kid that works for the mafia.  It’s the sound of creative freedom.

Self-publishing has given me the chance to explore themes and genres that traditional publishers might deem not-cohesive, or risky, or weird.

And let me tell you, I love weird 🤩  I also do my own e-book covers, so that has been a fun learning experience.  Difficult, but fun.

4. The Money is Pretty Good


First, let me say that there are easier ways to make money than writing.  You can make money faster (and much more of it) doing just about anything else.  It isn’t always about the money, but…

I earn 85%+ of my sales on Smashwords and 60% at other retailers (iBooks, B&N, Amazon, etc).  That’s better than the average 10%.

I feel that Smashwords truly cares about their authors, and it shows with their high percentage of royalties.  Learn more about Smashwords, and see if they are the right fit for you.

5. I Get That Sweet, Sweet Feedback

Instead of waiting around for a publishing deal, I just throw my work out there and wait.  I offer a lot of my stories free or at low cost, and I get lots of feedback (especially on iBooks).

This real, raw, honest feedback lets me know how I’m connecting with my audience, and where I am failing to do so– and that’s exactly how I can improve.

It’s the feedback that has broken my heart, that has made me smile, that has allowed me to make those 1-degree shifts to improve my writing.  I am forever grateful for all the feedback I receive– from the 1-stars to the 5-stars.


So there you have it.  Those are my personal reasons for loving the world of self-publishing.

Whether I stick with self-publishing after graduation, or try to take the traditional route, who knows?  I like to keep an open mind.  So before you think that self-publishing isn’t “real,” think again!  There’s lots to gain from the experience, from the feedback, and even from the royalties.

Write on,


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10 thoughts on “What I Love About Self-Publishing

  1. All of the above! And there’s no editor/publisher breathing down your neck, yapping about sales, sales, sales. Sometimes, I get the feeling that the traditional world of publishing is all about money. Sure, people are in it to make a living, but that’s not that it’s all about for me. Reading is an escape and writing is too – to an extent. When it becomes about the $$$, it stops being fun.

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    1. Yes! Writing is such a personal experience for many. The way I see it, if I wanted money, I would have gotten a degree in the STEM field or something like computer coding. Money is nice, but not the goal for some writers 😊

      Enjoy your weekend!


  2. Thank you again for great advice. I just made a Smashwords account. Really like what they have to offer. Glad to see that you are like me and you want to keep your creativity and that it is not all about the $. I’m planing on self-publishing my novel when I’m done. Congradulations on your completion of your BA. Welcome to the SNHU Alumni Club.

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    1. I hope Smashwords works out for you! I think they are fantastic for self-published authors 😊

      Will you announce the release of your book? I would be happy to give it a read!

      Have an awesome day,


    1. Don’t give up! Sometimes books take time to take off.

      An example is The Five Love Languages. It was first published in 1995, but didn’t appear in the New York Times bestseller list until 2009.

      While I hope your book doesn’t have such a huge gap, sometimes knowing that the process can be slow (and that’s normal) keeps us encouraged and optimistic 😊

      Take care,

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  3. Excellent advice for budding writers! Smashwords sounds like a great platform to check out. Have you preferred certain self-publishing websites that have worked well for you & that are worth recommending?

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