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Kindle Unlimited: Is it Worth it?

I love books.Β  Whether it is working on writing one or reading a variety of books–

I. Love. Books!Β πŸ’•

I’ve had Kindle Unlimited pretty much since its inception, when I could get a few interesting/indie volumes here and there.Β  But today, Kindle Unlimited has really exploded!

There’s a variety of books– from bestsellers to obscure indie titles.

So is Kindle Unlimited worth it for $9.99 a month?Β  You get to borrow 10 books at a time, and they are adding pretty famous titles every month (kind of like Hulu or Netflix with adding/deleting movies every month).

Here are some of the more famous NONFICTION titles this month of August 2018:

non fic best sellers 1.jpg


Here are some famous FICTION titles for August 2018:

fic bestselling 1

They have all the Harry Potters, Hunger Games,Β andΒ Lord of the Rings!!

And here are some other great books on Kindle Unlimited:

collage of various kindle unlimited books

As you can see, the variety of genre is wide, and there are even a few magazines to choose from!

So, my verdict is that if you read more than 2 books per month, Kindle Unlimited will save you money.Β  And if you want to read classics likeΒ 1984Β orΒ Slaughterhouse-five,Β then you will definitely get your money’s worth!

Give it a browse and get your reading on!

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  1. My hubby and I were wondering if it was worth it. I know a lot of the books I have in my “wish list” are free if we subscribe. Thanks for posting about this.
    Angie D

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