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A Well of Ideas for Short Story Writers

Hello! 😊 I wanted to share with you one of the most effective ways I found for coming up with short story ideas.

I – Love – Short – Stories.Β  They can be a fun change of pace when writing your WIP, and a great way to offer freebies to your readers.Β  And, honestly, who doesn’t love freebies??Β πŸ’•

Coming up with short story ideas doesn’t have to be a tedious process.Β  It can be fun and goofy and ultimately valuable.Β  You can get an infinitely deep well of short story ideas if you…

Write 10 short story ideas every day.

Yes!Β  Ten!Β  No, they don’t all have to be good.Β  Actually, a lot of them are probably going to be hilariously bad (which is kind of fun, anyway).

nature-2760966_1920.pngBut I found that writing 10 short story ideas every day was like clearing a tap.Β  A lot of nasty stuff came out, but eventually a few gems slipped out.

I also found that creativity begets creativity~ the more you think of funky ideas, the more (and better) ideas start to come out.

Check out some of my free short stories ~ which came out of this daily practice.Β  As soon as I need a break from my WIP, I’ll be right back at it again!

Thanks for reading and write on,


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  1. What a great idea especially when you are in a slump and are not motivated to write anything. These at least gets the creative juices flowing. Thanks for sharing.
    Angie D

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