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My Week: Feb. 25-March 4, 2018

This week I finished a great non-fiction book.

radium girls book cover

When I began reading The Radium Girls by Kate Moore, I got a little annoyed by all the names and personal information.  “Get to the science stuff and what happened!!”

But soon I realized that I wasn’t just reading any old science/history book.

This book introduced the radium girls not as a general concept, but as people.  As I read each name, I got to know each girl– her dreams, her hopes, her love, and ultimately her death.

So what I thought would be a book filled with data turned out to be an emotional, powerful read.  Such an amazing book! 🌟

Otherwise the week was filled with finishing up my classes and rolling around in bed with menstrual cramps and Buffy the Vampire Slayer 😁

I did make a decision to have no-internet March!  Except for classes and the blog, that is 😉  It’s hard having to give up cute pics, like the spagoote dog I found 😂 but I think it will be a good experiment to see how my life changes without constantly checking my phone.

He is so cute!Screenshot_20180228-193133

That’s about it for this week.  I start new classes tomorrow, so I’m excited.  And I’m not rolling around in pain anymore, which is also quite exciting 😏

Take care,

Yari Garcia

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