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2 Books for the Genre Writer

Hello, hello!ย  Thanks for being here againย โœŒ๐Ÿ˜Šย  Let me tell you about 2 super-helpful books for genre writers.

I’ve been attending college for my English & Creative Writing Degree (with a focus on fiction), which is just a way of saying “I do the work until they stop giving me work to do.”

And while I love college and learning, they’ve mostly been teaching me literature.

Nothing wrong with that, but literature is a completely different animal than genre writing.ย  If you’re not aware of the differences, here’s what Huff has to say:

Literary Fiction vs. Genre Fiction. … The former includes many subcategories such as Mystery/Thriller, Horror, Romance, Western, Fantasy, Science Fiction, etc. The latter is more difficult to classify or break apart into subcategories. To put it simply, Literary Fiction is anything that does not fit into a genre.

Here’s the full article.ย  But, on to the books!

1~ Understanding Conflictย by Janice Hardy

Understanding Conflict bookAre you tired of reading romance novels where the conflict could be resolved if people would just act like adults and talk to each other?ย  Yeah, me too.ย  That’s not conflict, that’s miscommunication.

This book helps you avoid stuff like that.

This book starts helping you from page one.ย  It explains the common misconceptions of conflict, pitfalls, what to avoid, etc.ย  Then it explains how to create really, really good conflict in your story.

It offers examples that will make you feel enlightened about this whole conflict thing that you thought you knew about.ย  To be honest, had I read this book before writing Strega Fey, my baddie would have been a lot stronger, complex, and compelling.ย  But, alas!

2~ Understanding Show, Don’t Tell by Janice Hardy

Show dont tell bookYou can tell I really like Janice’s books, right?ย  This is because she can take a very general advice, such as “Show, Don’t Tell” and zoom in, break it down, and explain what it truly means to practice this advice.

I spoke about this book in a previous post, and I highlighted only 3 of the ways this book has changed my writing for the better.ย  This book has way more than just 3 tips, thoย ๐Ÿ˜‰

This book is also helpful from page one.ย  It begins with this forehead-slapper:

I reached over to pick up the cup.

I reached over and picked up the cup.

One is a mere thought, a desireย to pick upย a cup.ย  The other is an action.ย  Gah!ย  And if you’re a genre writer, action-is-everything.


So yeah, those are my 2 life-changing books.ย  Literally.ย  My conflict and my sentences began to pop after following the advice of these two books.

I hope they help you on your way too!

Write on,

Yari Garcia

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