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A Game-Changer to Get That Story On Paper

I used to be the kind of writer that always had a book… in my mind.
But never on paper.
I had published several short stories, but no novels.

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And then it happened.  I stumbled onto a book that gave me permission to sprint to the finish line, not caring about the carnage and sloppy writing I left behind me.

Write first, edit later, the book said.  Allow your first draft to suuuuck.

Okay, it didn’t say that exactly, but that was the gist.  The book is called Writing on Both Sides of the Brain by Henriette Anne Klauser. (That is a non-affiliate link to Amazon.)

The book emphasizes separating the act of writing (creative) with the act of editing (analytical).

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This whole time I was trying to get my writing perfect the first time around.
I was trying to write, edit, and revise, all at once!

No wonder I could only manage short stories.  Doing it all at once is a slow, slow, slow process.

I also realized something big:

You can only edit/improve a story that’s been written.

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Getting my entire story out on paper was the only way I could look at it as a whole and see what worked/what didn’t work.  I could only work on Draft Two if I had a Draft One.

Who would’ve thought?

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So, I learned to…

  • Write everything out.  Let it flow.  It doesn’t matter if it’s great writing or not.  If it sucks, let it suck.

  • Adding, taking out, revising, rearranging plot… all that happens in Draft Two.  Beautify in Draft Two.

  • But you can’t have a Draft Two if you don’t even have a Draft One!

As a beginner writer, this has been a game-changer, because now I don’t have these nebulous stories in my mind.

I put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, and out comes my first draft.


I’m still learning to navigate this whole writing thing.

And while I only have 2 very basic books under my belt, this technique has allowed me to already have 2 more (and more complex) ones on the way 😊

Sometimes I do catch myself fretting over my first draft too much.  But, the times I apply this tip, my writing flows much, much easier.

Write on,

Yari Garcia

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Yari Garcia

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